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(RUSSIA) 10 photos

Award Author Photography Country
Section (М) OPEN black and white, monochrome photography  
1 Gold Medal FIAP + 200 Euro Kuang Ya Morning Paper China
2 Silver Medal FIAP Nadezhda Chipeva *** Bulgaria
3 Bronze Medal FIAP Zlatko Latev Road 3 Bulgaria
4 Gold Medal NSFA Dimitrina Andreeva For Last Time Bulgaria
FIAP mention Yavor Michev The Bridge Bulgaria
FIAP mention Ivan Grigorov Countryside Bulgaria
FIAP mention Hengki Lee Pilgrim Indonesia
FIAP mention Roald Synnevaag Under the Cathedral 2 Norway
BOC mention Dimitrina Andreeva Sculpture Bulgaria
BOC mention Ivan Grigorov Saint John′s Eve Bulgaria
BOC mention Stoyan Iliev Greetings Bulgaria
BOC mention Sergei Kivrin Swimming Marathon Russia

Ivan Grigorov Mask Bulgaria

Istvan Kerekes In Living Room Hungary

Suman Saha Age of Destruction India

Valerie Volontir Different Vision Moldova

Nenad Borojevic Lonely 2 Serbia

Raul Villalba Charlot and the Poor Boys Argentina

Nadezhda Chipeva *** Bulgaria

Dimitrina Andreeva Escape Bulgaria

Emilyan Evdokimov Winter Horses Bulgaria

Emilyan Evdokimov Sense of Mountain Bulgaria

Ivaylo Sakelariev The Game is Over Bulgaria

Kuang Ya The Place of Soul China

Li Jianping Pure Childhood China

Li Jianping Rain or Shine China

Krisztina Laki Gypsies Hungary

Krisztina Laki Sentinel Hungary

Istvan Kerekes Shepherd Life Hungary

Janos Perenyi Back Viewer Hungary

Chandan Mukherjee Tarpon India

Sayan Sarkar A Busy Winter Morn India

Sayan Sarkar Practice India

Sunita Aich Struggle of Life India

Massimiliano Falsetto La piccola violinista Italy

Valerie Volontir Dad is Coming Moldova

Kirill Gorelov Mystic Cross Russia

Vladimir Vyatkin Behind the Scenes of World Ballet Russia

Jui-Ching Tai Dancing in the Lattice Taiwan



Section (C) OPEN colour photography    
1 Gold Medal FIAP + 200 Euro Yavor Michev The Salt of the Sea Bulgaria
2 Silver Medal FIAP Vladimir Vyatkin Girls: birds and fish Russia
3 Bronze Medal FIAP Suman Saha Dreaming in Darkness India
4 Gold Medal NSFA Manfred Kluger Flower Power 2 Germany
FIAP mention Raul Villalba The Fisherman Argentina
FIAP mention Xu Jinan Harbor China
FIAP mention Kuang Ya Walking Stick and Rails China
FIAP mention Vladimir Vyatkin Everything for Sale Russia
BOC mention Amin Mohammad *** Iran
BOC mention Ivaylo Sakelariev Alien Bulgaria
Porto Elea Emilyan Evdokimov Misty Bulgaria

Yavor Michev Cloud Factory Bulgaria

Ivan Grigorov Horse on Third Floor Bulgaria

Xu Bo Elves in the Air China

Manfred Kluger A Noble Pallor-1 Germany

An Xiping Happy Spray China

Lei Zunhui The Shyness of Happiness China

Huang Lei Closure China

Sayan Sarkar Touch Me India

Veneiro Rubboli Acrobatics Italy

Raul Villalba Portrait of a Clown Argentina

Zhecho Planinski Red Bulgaria

Zhecho Planinski Flock on the Roof Bulgaria

Alexander Ivanov Love and Jealousy Bulgaria

Lyubomir Argirov Guardians Bulgaria

Li Hanxin Harmony China

Huang Lei Sparkles Flying Off China

Zhang Xiang The Sky and Water China

Zhang Xiang Fishing in Hot Summer China

Yu Jijian Friend China

Xu Weixiang Desire China

Sun Qingsheng Flying Net China

Kuang Ya My Site China

Manfred Kluger Fiery 1 Germany

Istvan Kerekes The Look Hungary

Janos Perenyi Running with Waves Hungary

Biswamitra Ghosh The Yogi India

Dwaipayan Basu Tea Time India

Rajdeep Roy Men at Work India

Emanuele Zuffo Cimento invernale Italy

Roald Synnevaag Atlantic Tern 3 Norway

Roald Synnevaag Liten seilbaat paa et stort hav Norway

Nadezhda Chipeva *** Bulgaria

Oleg Popov *** Bulgaria

Alexander Ivanov Mysteries of Petra Bulgaria

Ivaylo Sakelariev Niki 2 Bulgaria

Ivan Iochev *** Bulgaria

Liu Guoqin Two Owls Fly Together China

Biswarup Ghosh Behind the Scene India

Chandan Mukherjee Hard Life India

Rajdeep Roy Leisure Time India

Sayan Sarkar Why? India

Sunita Aich Unexpressive India

Swapan Mukherjee My Companion India

Hengki Lee Somewhere In Time Indonesia

Hengki Lee A Piece Of Debussy Indonesia

Leonid Goldin New Collection Israel

Massimiliano Falsetto The Smokers Italy

Massimiliano Falsetto Scala mobile Italy

Konstantin Kruglyanskii Emotion Russia



Section (N) Nature      
1 Gold Medal FIAP Janos Perenyi Antelope Line Hungary
2 Silver Medal FIAP Xiao Di Dreamy Mount Huang China
3 Bronze Medal FIAP Li Hanjun Texture China
4 Gold Medal NSFA Xu Weixiang Endless Battle China
FIAP mention Alexander Ivanov The Guardians Bulgaria
FIAP mention Istvan Kerekes Pelophylax ridibundus Hungary
FIAP mention Kirill Gorelov Family Man Russia
FIAP mention Vladimir Vyatkin Swans Lake Russia

Wang Wenwei Wuling After Snow China

Aleksander Lukin High up Above Russia

Gencho Petkov Watering Hole Bulgaria

Ralitsa Byalkova The Heart of the Forest Bulgaria

Xu Bo Heroic Style China

Yu Wuling Life-threatening China

Liu Guoqin Compete China

Kuang Ya The Family China

Janos Perenyi Race Hungary

Roald Synnevaag Gaupaasvatnet Norway

Kirill Gorelov Bird Coat-of-arms Russia

Vladimir Vyatkin The Conductor Russia

Vladimir Vyatkin Frosty Day Russia



Section (S) Sport and (Sw) Wrestling    
1 Gold Medal FIAP Sergei Kivrin The Preparation for Start Russia
2 Silver Medal FIAP Salavat Safiullin Bird Russia
3 Bronze Medal FIAP + 200 euro UWW
Debdas Bhattacharya Ancient Art India
4 Gold Medal NSFA + 100 Euro Amin Mohammad Swiming in Sky Iran
FIAP mention Sergei Kivrin Accident 1 Russia
FIAP mention + 300 euro UWW EUROPE
Grigoryi Avanyan Wrestling Russia
FIAP mention Almando Reggio Hoop 42 Italy
FIAP mention Veneiro Rubboli Chiefs 2 Italy
FIAP mention Vladimir Vyatkin Hot Heart of Cold Blade Russia
Medal BOC Romi Tsankova *** Bulgaria
BOC mention Guy Samoyault La fougue de Stephane France
BOC mention Grigoryi Avanyan *** Russia
BOC mention Robbert Wijtman Levitation Dbl USA
BOC mention Gencho Petkov Portrait of a Boxer on Ring Bulgaria
BOC mention Oleg Popov *** Bulgaria
BOC mention Alexander Ivanov Hard Grip Bulgaria
BOC mention Velichka Todorova Reverse Bulgaria
BOC mention Desislava Ignatova Synchronous Bulgaria
BOC mention Ivan Iochev *** Bulgaria
BOC mention Stoyan Iliev Fighting Bulgaria
BOC mention + 200 euro Bulgarian Wrestling Federation
Gábor Martin Power Hungary
BOC mention Almando Reggio Ball 65 Italy
BOC mention Paco Lozano Fly Spain
BOC mention Mykola Bochek Olympic Hockey Ukraine
ASICS Lyubomir Argirov Foult Bulgaria

Kuang Ya Wall-walking China

Guy Samoyault Derniers Efforts France

Gábor Martin Upside Down Hungary

Istvan Kerekes Canoe Rafting Hungary

Debdas Bhattacharya Double Fights India

Debdas Bhattacharya Waiting and Watching India

Carlos Ferreira Judo Portugal

Sergey Areshev Ruserg Flying Over Russia

Pedro Luis The Mouth Guard Goes Off Spain

Pedro Luis Wheelchair Basketball Spain

Paco Lozano Fencing Spain

Paco Lozano Judo Spain

Paco Lozano Jump Spain

Stas Filipov Hockey Kazahkstan

Stas Filipov Wrestling Kazahkstan

Stas Filipov Tennis Kazahkstan

Gencho Petkov Two Box Women and One Arbitrator Bulgaria

Oleg Popov *** Bulgaria

Alexander Ivanov 3 Duels Bulgaria

Alexander Ivanov Impact Bulgaria

Desislava Ignatova Nirvana Bulgaria

An Xiping Wrestling China

Kuang Ya Diving China

Guy Samoyault Long jump France

Istvan Kerekes 110m hurdles Hungary

Rajdeep Roy Wrestlers India

Almando Reggio Clubs 46 Italy

Veneiro Rubboli Dragon Boat Italy

Carlos Ferreira Judo Portugal

Andrei Golovanov Wrestling Russia

Sergei Kivrin Wrestling 4 Russia

Kirill Gorelov Delinquent Russia

Vladimir Vyatkin High Voltage Energy Russia

Vladimir Vyatkin Friendly Handshake Russia

Vladimir Vyatkin Musketry Russia

Aleksander Lukin On the Sky Russia

Konstantin Kruglyanskii Kid Watching Sport Competition Russia

Grigoryi Avanyan Wrestling Russia

Pedro Luis Constantin at Sunset Spain

Mykola Bochek Duel Ukraine

Anvar Ilyasov Tennis Uzbekistan

Anvar Ilyasov Swimming Uzbekistan



Section (Y) The Young People and the world    
1 Gold Medal FIAP + 100 Euro Istvan Kerekes Family Hungary
2 Silver Medal FIAP Leonid Goldin Children in the Temple Israel
3 Bronze Medal FIAP Oleg Popov
4 Gold Medal NSFA Veneiro Rubboli Orthodox Church Italy
FIAP mention Raul Villalba Playin′ in the Forest Argentina
FIAP mention Sunita Aich Friends in Need 2 India
FIAP mention Valerie Volontir Good Bye, School Moldova
FIAP mention Branka Vucicevic Vuckovic Dancing Shoes Serbia

Krisztina Laki Where are You Hungary

Leonid Goldin Lycky Day Israel

Valerie Volontir Arrival Moldova



Section (W) The Woman      
3 Bronze Medal FIAP Alexander Ivanov Your Eyes Are the Sea Bulgaria
4 Gold Medal NSFA Tevfik Ileri Face to Face Cyprus
1 Gold Medal FIAP Valerie Volontir Three Sisters Moldova
2 Silver Medal FIAP Hengki Lee Void Indonesia
FIAP mention Gencho Petkov Emotion S2 Touch Bulgaria
FIAP mention Zlatko Latev Naked 1 Bulgaria
FIAP mention Istvan Kerekes The Police Girl Hungary
Lozenets Hotel Ivaylo Sakelariev Graphic Bulgaria

Yu Jijian Drink China

Dimitrina Andreeva System error Bulgaria

Zlatko Latev Naked 4 Bulgaria

Liang Weijie The Earth Mother China

Valerie Volontir Remembering Moldova

Valerie Volontir Monastery Subject V Moldova

Pedro Luis Naiara Shot Spain



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